Friday, August 31, 2007

The Paranoia Spreads

It's amazing watching these 9-11 Deniers after awhile. They're all so concerned with who is a disinfo agent, and what evidence is just a trap that they're almost paralyzed from doing anything whatsoever.

A perfect example is the NORAD tapes, which Dylan managed to obtain a copy of this week. I listened to the first couple hours on Revere Radio last night, and it was quite gripping to hear these folks go from "Is this real world or exercise?" to absolute furor and efficiency as the scale of the disaster becomes apparent. I have even more respect for NORAD and NEADS after listening to these tapes.

But of course, the release only spurs more paranoia. After all, hasn't the great God Griffin denounced these tapes as fake?

Of course, since this is Dylan's shiny new toy, he gets upset at any hint that it's cheap plastic:

I strongly disagree with David's assertion that these are fabricated.

There's 120 hours of audio here.

Of course, Dylan's right, but it does raise an interesting point. If your fact checker says something's phony and you use it anyway, what good is your fact checker? Pretty obvious, right?

A bit of honesty here from "Racer":

Dont want to piss on the parade but If DRG has listened the tapes and ends up saying they're fabricated, the content must not be very favorable to the cause.

Yep, that's why Griffin says they're fake; not because they are but because they don't suit his needs.

Meanwhile, over at 9-11 Blogger, somebody finally suggests that Alex Jones was in on the plot:

First - I have always had my doubts about Alex Jones's *Warning* before 9/11. He makes a very accurate prediction before 9/11, the off the cuff matter in which he blurts out intimate details of the unprecedented attack has always made me wonder - How Did He Know. He didn't mention any specifics as to his sources he just saw it coming, but with such precision is still unsettling. After 9/11 Alex earn a premiere spot, he was alone in front of any one else for he was the one who predicted the attack. No one else could claim this thus he would always be seen as the defacto leader of any movement which was inevitable to spring up in the wake of such an attack.

Of course, Jones didn't make any accurate prediction, as our old buddy Perry Logan never tired of pointing out. He simply said that if a terrorist attack occurred, they were going to blame it on Bin Laden. Of course he was reading from the script.

So as all the lines seem to be converging and with the speculation that Alex Jones' WARNING was not a warning after all but a plant to insure his position in the front of the movement, I see this WARNING from Tarpley with similar intent. To proceed what the disinformation artists like to call 9112b. This along with other suspect leaders in the movement actions of late, like Barretts promotion of "Inside Job?" Banner rolls. All the while Fezter is no more than a step away.

Check out some of the comments on that post:

There is no doubt that one if not several of the high visibility names associated with 9/11 truth are moles. If 9/11 was indeed a gov't black op, then they would have definetly planted people to control the public's inevitable curiosity and handle the many details that have been mismanaged by the 9/11 operational team. Alex Jones seems to be a good candidate, so does Dylan and perhaps a few big name activists and bloggers. I'd say we should follow the money and access, who is making a living off of this stuff?

Dylan's not on my mole list. But then again, I could be lying to protect one of our most valuable assets. But now that I've admitted that, isn't it obvious that I'm just trying to get Dylan in Dutch with the movement? And now that I've admitted that....

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