Monday, November 12, 2007

Loose Change: The Final Hour

The final insult didn't get any better after the first hour. It was much more interesting to watch the finally of The Next Iron Chef on the Food Network. As I mentioned previously, Loose Change is so watered down that they refuse to take a stand on anything, it is "Just Asking Questions" taken to extreme.

The second hour basically kicks off with a review of the collapse of the World Trade Centers. Now Dylan actually admits to fires and damage to building 7, after years of denying it. The argument basically comes down the fact that a lot of people heard things go boom, and other than those 3 buildings, no other damaged buildings fell down. This argument is completely idiotic, due to the obvious fact that if one of those buildings, say building 6, had suffered a complete collapse, they would merely add that to the list and continue. "Well except for those 4 buildings, no others collapsed..." Once again no falsification is needed.

They have a huge section on the environmental conditions at Ground Zero, an actual legitimate issue, which I believe they abuse, but it really has nothing to do with the rest of the movie. It is just an attempt to be able to frame themselves as caring for the first responders, and does not advance their thesis, what little there is of it, one bit.

Just like the Pentagon section, the United 93 section is mind-numbing in its contradictions. They show all of the evidence that the plane crashed there, and then act like it didn't. Or more specifically they imply it was shot down, never explaining how that is a more likely event, or why that would somehow prove a goverment conspiracy. Bizarrely they complain about the lack of large bits of plane lying above the ground, and suggest this supports their claim the plane was shot down. They then show a CGI clip showing the plane being blown from the sky, complete with large chunks of plane falling slowly to the ground, a depiction completely contradicting their theory, what little of it there is.

I am sure there is more I could go on about, but this movie was so uneventful, so far from the history changing cinema that it was hyped up to be, that I honestly can't remember much of it, it left so little of an impression on me. Maybe I am just jaded from following this crap for a year and a half?