Sunday, November 11, 2007

Second Twenty Minutes

They conclude the segment on the hijackers by speculating that they were trained by the US military, but Dylan is unable to hold that thought in his mind and starts presenting evidence that makes that conclusion highly unlikely. We get the usual bit about how terrible a pilot Hani Hanjour was. Hellooooo? If these guys were getting trained by the US military, why would they be crappy pilots? Surely the military would have just washed Hani out and put a better pilot in his place?

They show an Air Force officer saying that "We battled many phantoms that day," but they don't mention that he was not talking about the bogus "insertions" that the CT nuts talk about. He was referring to phantom Flight 11, which the government thought for awhile had not hit the World Trade Center and instead was flying south to Washington, as well as Delta 1989 and other planes which were feared as possible hijacking targets.