Thursday, November 29, 2007

Loose Change--Without a Ripple Effect

If you think you aren't hearing much about Loose Change the Final Cut here, it's partially because we aren't hearing anything about it over there. On the Loose Change Forum thread dedicated to the Final Cut, there have been six total posts since November 14, three days after the film was released, and one of those was from executive producer Tim Sparke (Mercury) trying to flog the faithful.

Dylan and company have gotten caught on the horns of a dilemma. The earlier Loose Change films were successful precisely because they were free. Now that they've spent a lot of money on the new version, they have to charge for it. But the act of charging for it limits the amount of buzz the film gets. Last year at this time we were getting tons of referrals from various forums around the internet; currently we get a very, very small percentage of our traffic via that route.

I do want to compile a list of the errors we've seen in the film as a reference source. But it's more for when they actually release the free version, which if they're waiting until they make their investors whole is liable to take quite awhile.