Sunday, December 23, 2007

At Least They Aren't Calling It Peer-Reviewed

Richard Gage's Architects and Engineers organization is now coming out with their own newsletter, the Blueprint. In case it isn't already apparent enough how much of an ego trip this is for our not-so-humble designer of IHOPs, they put his smiling picture right there at the top of it.

Further on down they have a photo of Charles Pegelow, who is, as far as I can tell the only active structural engineer in the 9/11 denial movement. Apparently he has been so busy though, he hasn't had time to have a photo taken since the early 60's.

Then of course, one of the first things they do is hit people up for money. At least it is not to buy Gage's friends lunch now.

We now have five staff who volunteer most of their time to AE911Truth. To be truly effective, we must remunerate these dedicated staff members. This is how all nonprofit organizations thrive and grow. Our responsibilities, time commitment and expenses are growing dramatically with our increasing success. We also must purchase computers, printers, software, and handle traveling and legal expenses. Our efforts and growth cannot be sustained without your help. Help us to avoid placing advertising on our website!

Having looked at their website I am still trying to figure out what 5 mostly full-time people could possibly be doing. Not like they have actually conducted any original research or anything. I am not sure why an organization with hundreds of "engineers" would need to beg for money to buy computers, these tech people should have plenty already.
Further on, I was rather amused by their call for people to link to their website with the title, "9-11 Commission Report Implicitly Discredited by More Than 200 Architects and Engineers". Well, since "explicitly" descrediting it would require an actual scientific argument, they will just have to imply one.

They continue by describing Gage's recent rant to NIST.

Richard Gage delivered a stunning, 5-minute reminder of the overwhelming vidence of controlled demolition and molten metal to approximately 10 NIST members, including Shyam Sunder, Charles Thornton, Therese McAllister, John Gross, and the representative of the AIA, Dave Collins.

I am sure they were stunned, just not for the reasons you think.
And then they end with yet another tribute to the great Richard Gage.
Very positive reviews of our response to NIST have been written, including this one on 9/11 Blogger: "Richard Gage, AIA has shown himself to be a true hero of the truth movement by putting this evidence into the record, and confronting NIST live on the internet for the world to hear. I think he did the best one could with 5 minutes. The investigation continues. and the points he brings up can no longer be ignored as it is part of the record now."
Wow, like the standard for getting someone to say nice things about your truth movement work on 911 Blogger is so high. How long before he gets an endorsement from the ASCE?

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