Sunday, December 02, 2007

Loose Change the No-Planer Cut

Okay, obviously it's not really Loose Change Final Cut; but whoever did this got Dylan's voice down perfectly. He captures Dylan's smug smarminess.

Update: Well, the old synapses weren't working so well this morning. I thought it was a pretty good parody of Dylan Avery; turns out as the commenters note that it's the original Loose Change (with a pasted on beginning from 1984). I have to admit it's been a long time since I've seen this version. It's amusing that my reaction was that this was a no-planer spoof. This ties in well to my upcoming post on George Monbiot.

Update II: Remembered where I first saw this linked; turns out a bunch of the Truthers have assumed it's a no-planer parody as well:

I found out that the "version" of "LC" which the guy on another messageboard saw was entitled "Loose Change 3rd Ed"-- a crude disinfo sham, not from Louder Than Words. He thought he was watching the latest LCFC, they even have a voiceover who sounds like Dylan... but within minutes they delve into the pods & the flash etc.

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