Saturday, April 12, 2008

He is Both Slanderous, and a Liar!

I have to give my co-blogger credit for earning the most invective headline on 9/11 Blogger today:

Slanderous Liar Pat Curley of Screw Loose Change Interviewed by Rob Breakenridge April 11, 2008

Of course on Screw Loose Change when we make a post calling someone a liar we have a bit of a tradition where we actually detail what they said that was dishonest and provide reliable sources to prove this. On 9/11 Blogger... well... they don't do that type of thing. But if you missed the interview the poster did put up the audio, so pay it a visit.

Update: I have to point out the best exchange with James, the first caller (no that is not me), arguing that the towers were blown up using explosives, because pieces of the twin towers impacted on neighboring buildings:

James: Well other demo... other buildings that have collapsed don't do that though. How...

Pat: Are you talking about controlled demolitions?

James: Yeah!