Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Am the Way, and the Truth and the Life...

Despite all the theologians in the 9-11 "Truth" Movement, we seldom hear any attempt to tie it into religion. Oh, Griffin did put out a book exhorting the faithful to embrace Trooferism, but it fizzled and is currently around #152,000 on Amazon.

Here's a post from a Truther suggesting a "mass" action on January 11, 2009:

I am proposing an international day of action on the 11th of January which will be a Sunday. This day as part of the "Eleventh Day of Every Month" campaign, I propose that we all simply go to church. To be more accurate to the steps of churches all around the world and challenge their congregations coming and going to look into 9/11 for the sake of all our souls.

And hey, quite the coincidence, somebody came up with the Truther Prayer:

The Prayer

Being that we are all intimately connected by our common inheritance of shared life on one planet and that our common shared higher intelligence governs life in both seen and unseen ways, and being that this common ancestry has its roots in cosmic intelligence or mind, and being that we therefore incarnate with this shared higher intelligence, we share its creative power as well. We are imbued with this creativity and its commonality.

As an outlet, voice, individual manifestation and aspiration for this cosmic intelligence, I claim the highest thought of calling forth truth telling on an unprecedented scale in the minds and hearts in high levels of government and other individuals. I call forth the energizing of personal courage where it matters the most to catalyze this movement of truth telling on a grand scale. I know that truth telling is at the foundation of healthy individual as well as a healthy societal life. I know that what has gone astray can be righted by a personal and public, fearless embrace of the truth, with safety for the truth teller.. The deepest space in the heart of all people knows this to be true and wants it revealed without delay. The refined and subtle physics for this is already in place and happening at this moment.

For this I give my deepest and profoundest thanks.

I release this prayer this intention this shared spark of light into the creative mind running through us all and through all of life. Happily, I know the glory of its fulfillment is accomplished already in ways unimaginable and realizable.

And so it is.


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