Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yet Another WAC-Job Busted

More evidence for the theory that We Are Change is a criminal organization, and for the "Willie Nelson" theory that most Truthers smoke way too much pot. Perry Shepard, the "organizer" for We Are Change Indiana had a little experience with the "jack-booting" thugs:

On August 13th 2008 Perry Shepard, the head organizer of WeAreChange Indiana, was about to turn in for the night when police suddenly knocked his door from it's hinges with several sharp hits from a ram. 8-10 'Law Enforcement' officers then proceeded push into the residence and to order Shepard to the ground and hold him there under duress and against his Rights. Angie Shepard, his wife and co-organizer, then emerged from a back bedroom and was thrust to the ground at gun point being ordered to stay there.

The officers, who seemed as if high on steroids and jack-booting, acted as if they had a vendetta against Perry as they pointlessly flirted with and made passes at Perry's wife. They even went so far as to relax around the house and make themselves at home, while questioning Angie, who is very attractive, as to why she would wish to live in such squalid means and with such scum as Perry?

Well, Perry certainly describes a Waco-like invasion. Why did it happen? According to the local news:

According to an LPD report, the search of the residence led to the seizure of marijuana, money and firearms.

Preliminary charges against both Shepards include maintaining a common nuisance, a class D felony, and possession of marijuana in an amount over 30 grams, also a class D felony.

Perry was also preliminarily charged with dealing marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school or public park, a class C felony.

Angie was also preliminarily charged with possession of paraphernalia, a class A misdemeanor.

But good news, Perry has worked out his defense:

Perry Shepard is now rigorously preparing his own defense against the 4 charges he currently has. He feels that there is nothing to fear from such fascist tactics, but Perry says that he is not defending himself or his family with his defense. Instead, he is going to utilize this chance to strike a blow against global tyranny and un-Constitutional actions by corrupt officials. He plans to expose the phony War on Drugs and the ensuing terror and corruption that stems directly from it. He further states that hemp has been unlawfully lumped in with the synthetic drugs and is seeking to strike a major blow against prohibition.

I'm sure it will work, especially if he points out the gold fringe on the flag in the courtroom.

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