Sunday, November 09, 2008

Close, But No Cigar

Troy from WV actually gets in my suggested question to David Ray Griffin, but needless to say Kevin Barrett immediately cuts him off and Griffin ignores the question. Oh well. I found an MP3 of the show, and the most significant thing coming out of it is Barrett announcing that he is taking a break from his fruitcake radio shows and politics to work on his family situation. Gee, think that might help there? For pure entertainment value the call from "Mike", who I believe is the truther who was put in a mental facility for making threats against the president and showing off his gun at work, saying that they need to hold a "Truthstock" and it would be great if they could get the Rolling Stones, Jackson Brown and U2 to show up.

Yeah, I am thinking of booking David Gilmour for my birthday party next year too...

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