Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Fruitcakes' Heads Will Explode!

When they hear about Bill Kristol's latest idea, mentioned on the Hugh Hewitt show last night:

HH: And I think he will be very concerned with the two issues I’m going to raise with you – national security and immigration. Now I believe the Committee On the Present Danger filled a need in the 70s which we need to reorganize an equivalent now. But what do you think, Bill Kristol?

BK: Oh, I agree, and we did a little of that in the 90s with the Project For the New American Century. And I actually think there are people talking about this. And there’s a lot of good foreign policy and defense thinking on our side, the Fred Kagans and Bob Kagans and Reuel Gerechts of the world, Victor Davis Hanson, et cetera. But a little bit of a political organization for them wouldn’t be bad. And I think we should support Obama, incidentally, if he does the right thing.

Another Project for a New American Century? Hoo-boy, that's certainly going to get a lot of attention from the nutbars.

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