Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sherry Clark Intros Richard Gage

Hilariously, she credits the breakthrough of Kevin Barrett as part of why she became a fruitcake. Doesn't she know that Kevin Barrett is disinfo?

Blessed are the Truthers?

Also, note the boxes in the background. Gage must think we laugh at it because we know it's effective.

Clark is another sad case of Trooferism breaking up a family.

Sherry Clark can relate. When the raven-haired, Delaware, Ohio-born mother of two—a self-described Republican “trophy wife” who voted for George W. Bush twice—was converted to the cause last year, she was told by friends and relatives to seek mental help. The Presbyterian church she helped create, she said, suddenly wanted nothing to do with her or her activities. And she’s currently divorcing her husband, to whom she became an embarrassment and social liability.

So she has something in common with Kevin Barrett. And Richard Gage, for that matter.

Hat tip: metalstorm in the comments section.

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