Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Nick Kollerstrom Speaks

And promptly reveals himself as a total wack-job. Kollerstrom was the 9-11 Troofer whose "research" into the Holocaust led to his dismissal from an honorary fellowship at the University College, London. Kollerstrom is also a 7/7 Troofer as you can hear in the video; the bit about the 7/21 failed bombers being a "prank" is especially offensive, or would be if it didn't come from such an obviously barmy bloke.

Kollerstrom has also called for a European investigation into 9-11. He envisions the inquiry taking place at four separate locations in Europe.

Each of these events would have two or three modules. Modules could be dedicated to, eg, ‘MIHOP versus LIHOP’, or, ‘What hit the Pentagon?’, and each could be one day or half a day for some. Suppose these two day-event modules were held in Amsterdam – maybe in the latter part of 2009: in that case, the Amsterdam steering committee there would receive proposals for material to be submitted and it would have the job of sifting through what was of decent caliber to be included. This would have to start a good six months before the event.

Sounds pretty grandiose, but Nick's got a great idea as to who would pay for it:

Funding: appeals for funding would go to the big Euro-insurance companies who forked out the four billion $ to re-build Ground Zero. Silverstein re-insured the Towers with these Euro-companies weeks before they fell and they all paid up. In case these don’t help we’d approach millionaire Jimmy Walters who helped us years ago, or maybe Islamic banking sources. Such funding could pay for real lawyers to be present and grill the witnesses, which would make it all much more realistic.

I think the Islamic banks are the most likely source there, especially when they hear about Nick's enlightened views on the Holocaust.

Personally, I enjoyed this discussion of Nick by one of his fellow 9-11 "Truthers":

I'd spent months trying to convince my brother to come along to a lecture or public meeting and take a look at 9/11, eventually I got him along to a talk I'd been largely involved in and was very proud of the tone and success of - A double bill of Calum Douglas and Gordon Ross.

My brother enjoyed it a lot. At the usual meeting at the pub around the corner I caught you out of the corner of my eye walking towards me. I knew what was coming and in panic I swiftly pre-empted:

"This guy's dodgy" I told my brother "Count the seconds before he mentions "The Jews""

And what happened? This:

"Hi Nick"

"Hello Stefan"

"This is my brother Jan"


"Did you enjoy the talk?"

"I did, but why won't Calum make the important point - why won't he just say that Rumsfeld is a Jew?"

Correction note: An earlier version of this post said that Kollerstrom had been at University of Central London. Thanks to emailer Simon for pointing out the error!

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