Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Did Ace Baker Just Commit Suicide on Uncle Fetzer's Show?--Update: Suicide Fakery

Update: Fetzer says that he contacted the LAPD who have stated that Ace is still alive.

Update II: The show is currently (6:30 PM Mountain Time) being streamed here.

That is what is being claimed over here.

I can't believe what I just heard ...

I had just tuned in and was hearing this guy going off about how tortured he was by folks in the movement etc.

I thought to myself... "my god, is he about to commit suicide?"

Then he starts saying how he hadn't spent enough time with his daughter and how he missed his mom and dad and that he'd see them soon and was coming home.

Then a gunshot.

Fetzer is calling Ace's wife to check on him.

Yellow light on this one for now. Our condolences to his family if it turns out to be true.