Friday, January 02, 2009

The Year of 9-11 Troof: July

This was the month that everybody started heading for the exits. Justin Martell announced the end of the Student Scholars for 9-11 Troof, and promptly started up the Young Americans for Accountability. Sofia branched out into weather terrorism.

The We Are Beating Up Girls in Wheelchairs crew announced the theme for the 9-11-07 Troof Rally: Now Or Never. Never won out; as I noted at the time, with three weeks to go, the WAC crowd had raised $22.22 out of the $20,000 budget for the festivities. They also had bad luck with their equipment being stolen when somebody's mom's car was broken into.

The British Troofers made news again when they apparently helped a nutbar woman elude the authorities who were going to remove her five daughters from her custody after concerns were expressed about the care they were receiving from her. Fortunately the story ended well, with the woman captured in Germany and the children safe.

The Troofers engaged in another episode of quote-mining, claiming that the prosecutor in the trial of Osama Bin Laden's driver had admitted that Flight 93 was shot down. Of course, I checked and quickly discovered that in the real world, the prosecutor was just quoting Bin Laden himself, who assumed that the plane had been shot down.

The weirdest claim ever was made by one David hyphen Wynn full colon Miller, who said that all the furniture in the World Trade Center was replaced by "very ornate plastic stuff" that was actually C4 explosive, which led to possibly the dumbest claim by a Troofer of 2008:

Don't you realise that gravity also holds things UP as well as bring things down.....didn't pass physics at school huh?

Cynthia McKinney became the first 9-11 Troofer nominated for President by a purportedly major party. Classic quote from Green Party spokeswoman (sic) Scott McLarty:

"Every vote that she gets helps the Green Party."

Cynthia McKinney ended up helping the Green Party 161,000 times, which sounds impressive until you realize that's about 0.1% of the voters, and 1/400th or so of the number of votes received by President-Elect Obama.

The BBC Conspiracy Files released their hour-long special on World Trade Center 7. As I commented at the time, it was a terrific job by the Beeb's producers.

Richard Gage's debate with Mark (Gravy) Roberts was released, complete with Gage's bizarre box demonstration. Undoubtedly the zaniest moment in 9-11 Troof for 2008.

Minor correction: Ron Wieck reminds me in the comments that he did not host the episode of Hardfire on which Gage appeared versus the Gravy Man.

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