Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Year of Troof: August

In August, Jason Robo first came to our attention. Robo placed 9-11 was an inside job stickers in the bathroom of a plane, which resulted in the evacuation of the plane and Robo's arrest. I have not seen any updates on this story in quite awhile even though I regularly check Google News.

Alex Jones and Michelle Malkin had a memorable meeting near the Denver Mint, where the fruitloop Troofers joined in with peace protesters in an attempt to levitate that building.

NIST made their presentation on the cause of WTC-7's collapse. Troofers' heads exploded. After railing for years that the failure to explain the collapse of WTC-7 was evidence of an inside job, they immediately denounced the report.

The "Willie Nelson" theory (that Troofers are a bunch of stoned-out dolts) gained more credence as the leader of the Indiana We Are Change chapter was busted for dealing pot.

Jerome Corsi, who had a New York Times Bestseller for two weeks with Obama Nation, came under fire as his Troofer comments from January came back to bite him on the behind, with the New York Times and the Obama campaign itself citing liberal 9-11 debunker Boloboffin's terrific video exposing Corsi's nuttiness. As the Shake and Bake ads used to say, "And I helped!"

Les Jamieson gave up the fight to get the NYC 9-11 Ballot Initiative certified for 2008; at last report they were hoping to make it in 2009. I like my response to Les' claim that this was a significant victory for the movement:

The Truthers certainly have had their share of blessings in disguise; I think most of them are hoping that some day a blessing shows up without the mask of failure.

Richard Gage had his first two "national conference calls" where he exhorted the Troofs to get more architects and engineers to sign up on his cruddy website.