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The Year of 9-11 Troof: June

BTW, I have a bunch of videos of the Year of 9-11 Troof I will put up over the next few days, including Unsecured Coins' wrapup as well as some of my personal favorites, but I feel I should get through the rest of the Year of 9-11 Troof before moving onto other things.

In June, the Urinal of 9-11 Stundies--errr, the Journal of 9-11 Studies, announced that it would no longer be accepting papers for pier--err, peer review, because they had been so successful in publishing one peer-reviewed paper in a real journal that they no longer felt the need to publish new papers by other crackpots in their phony journal. Or something. Of course, that meant no crucial studies showing how space beam lasers could not have taken down the Twin Towers, and thus they have already gone back on their pledge and have started accepting new papers.

James put together an excellent series of posts on the book Firefight, discussing the battle against the fires at the Pentagon after the crash of Flight 77. James does the solid posts here; I do the "Ha ha!" Nelson Muntz posts.

Alex Jones released Truth Rising, which was basically a mash note to Luke Rudkowski and the We Are Beating Up Girls in Wheelchairs thugs.

Spoof the Troof became something of a pastime in June. Of course, the all-time supreme effort in that regard was Unsecured Coins' tremendous RFID chip implant which fooled even a skeptic like me. I am sure that will be front and center in his video as Alex Jones and Jason Bermas ran with it on their radio programs. But who remembers "Mike Rotch", aka Edmund Standingwho successfully got his crotch into Scholars for 9-11 Troof and Justice and Patriots Question 9-11? Or Troy's hilarious interview with Charles Pegelow, one of the early "engineers" in Box Boy Gages' AE9-11 Troofy Troof, in which the Chuckster espoused his theory of Nukes in the Towers. Definitely headed for the video highlights of 2008 post!

Blair Gadsby ended his hunger strike outside John McCain's office after 17 days. He received some pretty good coverage as I noted at the time, even getting local deep thinker E.J. Montini to write a sappy column about how Blair Gadsby bothers us because we don't have a cause we'd starve ourselves over. The Heaven's Gate cultists castrated themselves for their cause; does it bother E.J. he doesn't have a cause he'd lop off his own nuts over? Blair seemed like a nice guy, and he did get me on the local TV for a comment, and he doesn't seem to have inspired others to cut off the pizza, so maybe it wasn't a big deal. But I worried that he was inspiring others to waste their lives in pursuit of the big nothing.

David Ray Grifter revealed in an LA speech that not only the New Pearl Harbor, but the Old Pearl Harbor was an inside job. BTW, while I was flying this holiday season, I took the time to listen to the entirety of Griffin's November 2008 lecture in Japan which I will have a post on eventually. Griffin claims at the end that Japan was "lured" into attacking Pearl Harbor, and that the White House "arranged" for Pearl Harbor.

Dennis "Frodo" Kucinich introduced articles of impeachment for President Bush, which promptly went nowhere. Troofers got wet panties because the last three articles had to do with 9-11, although none of them were based on the sort of "evidence" we're used to around here. Kucinich may be a fruitloop, but he did not have a "controlled demolition brought down the towers" or a "Bush didn't leave Booker Elementary" claim in there.

The central theme that we kept returning to in 2008 was how many people had lost friends and family over their involvement with 9-11 Troof. Jon Gold, a favorite pinata of ours summed it up in a June video posting:

"This is my whole life now... it's taken up my life. You know, my friends, they really don't even associate with me anymore. Because when I obviously started doing this I was telling everybody about it, and everybody thought I was a nut, so obviously those relationships were strained and they don't really exist anymore."

Best line of the year about the 9-11 Troofers goes to Stephen Lemons, who observed that Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson wrote a couple of nuttitorials in the local papers and commented:

This crazy old bag, who's retiring from the Arizona Senate this year to let anti-Hispanic a-hole Russell Pearce run for her seat, barfed forth more whoppers in those two pieces than a bulimic at Burger King.

Barfed up more whoppers than a bulimic at Burger King? Now that's funny! Speaking as a writer, I tip my hat to Mr Lemons.

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