Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year of 9-11 Troof--April

April was a big month for Troof news. Newt Gingrich reiterated that he thinks 9-11 Troofers are crazy:

German "Gary" Talis got his 15 minutes of fame when he attacked Maureen Lovetro, a 17-year-old girl in a wheelchair. As an aside, I periodically check Google news for "Lovetro" and "Talis" and have not seen any updates on this story. Anybody know what happened?

Nick Kollerstrom, a very weird British "Truther", was sacked from an honorary position at a London university when his Holocaust denial "research" was revealed.

Blair Gadsby announced his impending hunger strike outside John McCain's office, which would begin on Memorial Day.

Troof Week came and went. The 9-11 Fruitcakes decided to organize to push Steve Alten's dull novel into the upper reaches of the NY Times Bestseller List. The result? They sold about 1000 copies, when the required total was about 10,000 to 12,000 copies. Better still, Alten actually paid $5,000 out of his own pocket to get the book better placement in Barnes & Noble and Borders Books, so in all probablility the Troofers did not account for all those 1,000 copies. The result was such a fiasco that there has not been another "Week of Truth" since.

Nico and Luke went a few rounds for a no-decision when Nico tried to put a paper mustache on Sabrina Rivera. Needless to say, Luke sought out the nearest representatives of the New World Order (the PO-lice as he usually puts it) and tried to have Nicohitler arrested.

Arizona State Senator and longtime kook Karen Johnson came out as a 9-11 Troofer, making her then the highest ranking public official in office to be a Troofer. She has since retired.

Steven Jones got a peer-reviewed paper published in an online urinal--err, journal. Unfortunately for the Troofers it consisted of areas of agreement he has with the "official" story.

Natalie Woods's less famous sister, who played Plenty O'Toole (not Plenty O'Brains) in a James Bond movie came out as a fruitcake.

WAC-Job Troofer Jason Gerhard was found guilty of aiding tax protesters Ed Brown and his wife in their armed standoff with the authorities. He would later be sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

Jon Gold and Betsy Metz donated the entire proceeds (about $1,700) of their "Truth Tuesday" movie showings at the Wayne Movie Theater to the FealGood Foundation (for which we applauded them). I see that as usual, a troofer lied to me in the January post, claiming that 200 people came out to see the January 28th showing. It appears that the entire audience for all 10 Tuesdays was about 200.

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