Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Year of 9-11 Troof--January

In January the Troofers were all excited about their candidates for the election. Ron Paul had won every internet poll and clearly was going to rocket to the nomination. While Mike Gravel had not done much aside from throwing a big rock in a pond, surely the ripples were going to eventually swamp the boats of Hillary and Barack.

Lynn Margulis, Carl Sagan's first wife, became one of the billions and billions of 9-11 "Truthers".

For those who think Jenny Sparks is the first to take up the cause of revealing the home addresses of people who disagree with them, remember that Kevin Barrett started a website dedicated to just that called Where They Live. Jenny and Hang 'Em High, two peas in a pod under the wing.

Update: Commenter Anonymous notes that the Truth Tuesdays started in January of 2008, where Jon Gold and Betsy Metz rented out a theater in Wayne, PA and showed several 9-11 Troof films. James commented on the incredible turnout they had for the January 9th showing: an estimated 10 people showed up. Reportedly they had 200 people show up on January 28th for a special showing of 9-11 Press for Truth.

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