Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Year of 9-11 Troof: November

Almost through!

In November the biggest news was that a 9-11 Troofer had finally rung the bell on insanity; We Are Change Colorado (WAC-CO) and 9-11 Visibility member Sean Fitzgerald stabbed his father to death for reasons unknown. Obviously, extremes of behavior like this are not commonplace even in the paranoid world of the Troofers, so lessons from Fitzgerald seem unlikely. However, what was instructive were the efforts by WAC-CO and 9-11 Blogger to coverup the fact that Fitzgerald was a "Truther".

Both websites had run pleas to help Sean, who in a paranoid haze became convinced that Thai police were tailing him and so rode his bicycle the wrong way down a major highway in Thailand, leading to an accident that landed him in a hospital. Sean was interviewed live by Michael Woolsey on his internet radio program, while his father called into Alex Jones' radio show. Eventually his father traveled to Thailand and brought his son back to Colorado Springs, where, a few weeks later, the murder occurred.

This of course fits one of the major themes we explored in 2008, the fact that 9-11 Trutherism destroys families.

Update: A commenter points out this post on Michael Woolsey's blog, in which he acknowledged the situation well before we reported it here. Good for Woolsey. It still highlights that WAC-CO and 9-11 Blogger deleted posts to conceal Fitzgerald's involvement with 9-11 "Truth". I don't think I've criticized Woolsey for his part in this affair; as far as I'm concerned he was just trying to help a friend.

I debated Jon Gold on Justin Martell's campus TV program.

Delmart "Mike" Vreeland who became a brief celebrity among Troofers for his supposed prediction of 9-11 before it occurred, was sentenced to 336 years in prison for his production of child pornography.

Alice Walker, author of the most overrated book of the 20th century (The Color Purple) joined Erica Jong and Gore Vidal as the leading literary lions of Trooferism.

David Ray Grifter continued to make insane and offensive claims:

Griffin: And I realize I didn't respond earlier to the question about the bodies. First there were bodies, there were 125 Pentagon workers who were killed. But we have no evidence that anyone from an airplane died at the Pentagon. At best we know that bodies from the airplane, and bodies from the Pentagon showed up at the Army's pathology institute. But these were transported by the FBI and the military and we know that was irregular. They went from the Pentagon to another building, and then from that building were taken to the pathology institute. So the bodies from the airplane could have been transferred to that middle building from somewhere else and to the people at the pathology institute they would assume they all came from the Pentagon

We learned that Kevin Barrett had a temporary restraining order filed forbidding him contact with his family; yet another Troofer who has alienated those closest to him in his quest for 9-11 "Truth".