Friday, February 06, 2009

16 Minutes and Counting

Harold Saive, having achieved his Andy Warhol moment, tries to stretch it out by reporting to the Gainesville City Council his amazing success in getting the FBI to murmur sweet nothings about Richard Gage.

"We've had a break in the case! The FBI is now cooperating with us!"

Now of course a sane person might say that if the FBI is cooperating with Harold, why does he need to inform the Gainesville City Council of that fact?

The answer is that this has nothing to do with 9-11 and everything to do with Harold Saive. Saive is a gadfly; one of those cranks who pop up in every town in America. I am sure that the city council members have been enduring Saive's nuttery on every topic under the sun, since well before 9-11. Here's his chance to show the council that he's a very serious person, because the FBI wrote back to him and talked about the "thorough research and analysis" of Box Boy's presentation.