Friday, February 06, 2009

The Elephant in the Room Part 5

McNinney discusses the price she's paid as a result of her Troofer question. "What did the president know, and when did he know it?" She has the distinction of being "kicked out of office" (you mean voted out of office?) twice. She says "Warriors don't wear medals, they wear scars. I've got lots of scars." She looks like she's about to start blubbering at that point; definitely one of the highlights of the film.

Then it's back to New York, for the Truther festivities at Ground Zero on the sixth anniversary. Some of the Truthers like Luke and Manny Badillo do a pretty good job of appearing sane, but check out the guy who starts at about 5:00 into this segment.

"On 9-11 I was like, yo, the CIA, NORAD, they know what's goin' on." Compelling evidence indeed.

Then we get a good argument between the Troofers and one of the 16% who disagree with them, followed by bullhorning of CBS and CNN. Just think, someday Luke will be able to put his Fisher-Price "Tyranny Crusher Jr" bullhorn on Ebay and make thousands. Badillo talks about how he wants a new investigation, but not one that was set up by the same government. Of course, if the evil gubbermint doesn't do the investigation, Manny, you don't get subpoena power and you can't require that people testify under oath. Are you sure that's what you want?

Badillo shifts into the first responders health issues and asks why the mainstream media are not reporting on their stories. Of course, this is farcical. There have been many reports in the mainstream media on this stuff; I just pointed to an AP article yesterday.

This first responder dodge is not what the Troof Movement is about, it's just something to hide behind.

More confrontation. I like the gal who says, "You guys are idiots! You're a disgrace!" Some guy claims to be a family member whose uncle died on 9-11; I'd love to see some documentation on that one. He's a typical troofer with the creative facial hair.

"The only conspiracy theory is the one the government gave us." Fourth time in the film that we've heard bitching about the CT label.