Friday, February 20, 2009

Even More Inept Than McKinney

That's the Canadian Action Party, a gathering of the paranoid nutbars who say, "Eh!" They take positions on the difficult issues facing Canada today, like the North American Union, Chemtrails, and yes, 9-11 Truth.

The current leader of the Canadian Action Party is Dr Andrew Moulden, taking over for past fruitcake Connie Fogal:

Reportedly this is another photo of Moulden, which has landed him in some hot water:

I do not know the truth as to the origins of this photo. It is claimed by one of Moulden's opponents within the CAP asylum that Moulden "borrowed" the uniform of a woman's husband who had actually served in the US Navy. At any rate the Maple Leaf Madmen are convinced that this indicates Moulden is an infiltrator from Naval Intelligence.

At this point, I can only conclude that it struck a real nerve and that this guy will turn out to be an actual US NAVY Officer probably on some DARPA project or something. He is an ultra-genius brain doctor afterall.

Moulden has pulled a power play with some of his supporters, taking control of the Ottawa 9-11 website. As usual with the Troofers they can't see this as a battle between nutbars, but something darker:

Well, congratulations on being disrupted - always a pretty sure sign of an effective group having been noticed. And perfectly enough, there just so happens to be a photographic record of you building Ottawa 9/11 Truth from the ground up - literally - right here on this site. I'm glad that you're taking this as well as you seem to be - but not surprised, since you kick so much ass.

So how is the CAP doing?

In the 1997 election they got 0.13% of the vote. In 2000 they upped that to 0.21%. Under Fogal in 2004, they got 0.06% of the vote. In 2006 they got 0.04%. In 2008? Try 0.03%.


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