Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moron the Core

This is supposedly another trailer, but it actually begins like just a random ten minutes of the film. It starts with the Jeremy R. Hammond nonsense that I discussed a few months ago. Here's the nub of what Hammond wrote:

When the managing director of the overseas Warner Bros. office passed away, the individual who spoke with the Journal was contacted by the senior executive from L.A. about the plans for the memorial service. Senior executives from the company would attend, including from the Warner Bros. parent corporation, Time Warner, headquartered in New York.

When he answered that one of the potential dates for the service was September 11, he was told that would be no good because “something big is happening that day” and the top executives from the New York office would all be travelling out of the city.

The story makes no sense to the conspiracy theory as I pointed out. If the "something big" was 9-11, then the top executives from the New York office would all have a perfect excuse for being out of the city. They were going to the memorial service. And if they knew about the 9-11 plot, wouldn't they have felt perfectly safe anyway? Time-Warner HQ in New York is at 59th Street and 8th Avenue, approximately seven miles north of the World Trade Center.

At 1:43 into the "trailer" we get the first lie: "12 minutes before the World Trade Centers (sic) came down, Giuliani and the command post were told to pack up and leave the area."

There's a compound word for that, and the first part is "bull". Giuliani got the warning just as the South Tower was collapsing, and in fact was trapped momentarily as he described to Peter Jennings around noon that day (about 1:45 into this clip):

Note that Elinoff does air part of that interview with Jennings, but cuts it off just as Giuliani is about to reveal that he got trapped by the collapse of the South Tower. It's the usual casual dishonesty we're so accustomed to from the "Truthers".

We get the infinitely rehashed story of the van full of explosives that was supposedly stopped on the George Washington Bridge; as best as I can figure out this is a confusion of the Dancing Jews' van. Lots of wild stories were being covered by the media that day; anybody remember the truck bomb at the state department? Or the supposed DC police helicopter that had been hijacked?

We get the usual "take the red pill" crap from the Matrix; these idiots probably think that was a documentary too. Next come the put options. Then we get the Newsweek story that said top Pentagon Brass were warned not to fly on 9-11. Except that's not really how it reads:

On Sept. 10, NEWSWEEK has learned, a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns.

"Apparently" doesn't feed the bulldog, and there are lots of reasons why people suddenly cancel travel plans. And the separate parts don't fit together. The indication is that the Time Warner official knew well before 9-11 but Pentagon officials were only clued in on September 10th? And this "quote" does not appear in the Newsweek article:

Sander Hicks pops in to tell us about Able Danger in his usual frenetic style.

We get the latest release date: March 27, 2009. IIRC originally the plan was for all five films to be released simultaneously sometime in January; now he's talking about just one film in late March. How much you want to bet that Elinoff won't even make that revised target?

We get the supposed whistleblowers: Robert Wright (who was demoted two years before the attacks and who was investigating Hamas and Hezbollah) and Sibel Edmonds (who was hired by the FBI as a low-level contract translator of Turkish after 9-11). We hear that a new whistleblower has been found (some clown in a purple tie, possibly Richard Andrew Grove).

This is the formula used by the original Loose Change movies. It was successful back in 2005 and 2006, but I don't think you can recreate that situation; the "Truther" lies have been exposed, and this movie won't get the head start on the population that Loose Change did.


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