Thursday, July 09, 2009

British 7/7 Troofers Have An Adventure

Holocaust Denier and 9/11 and 7/7 Fruitcake Nick Kollerstrom and a prominent 7/7 "researcher" were planning on giving a talk in London. But some debunkers got wind of the meeting and let the hall where the talk was to take place know about some of Kollerstrom's theories and the kooks were uninvited.

With reptilian cunning Obachike has determined the scores of phone calls that Conway Hall received complaining about the event was actually a secret operation to prevent the truth of what happened on July 7th being spread to the eleven people who planned to attend. This was further proved after the MOD infiltrated the left wing book shop Housmans who shocked everyone by also refusing to host a holocaust denier.

Note: MOD means Ministry of Defense

So they adjourned to a pub nearby where Kollerstrom and Obachike gave their spiel. Here's how a fellow troofer described it:

Everyone having paid £5 he led us around Holborn for a while, getting lost once before stopping at a closed down Thai restaurant which Daniel told the "crowd" (12-15 people including 4 of us by my count) the security services must have had shut down to stop his vital info getting out there. Locals said it had been closed for at least a week though.

Then he proceeded to take us to a loud bar on Kingsway which the manager told us was free to reserve an area in. So essentially he charged everyone a £5 (and no doubt had a refund from Conway Hall as well) to sit in a pub.

Basically, this is about control of the UK "Truth" Movement, which actually makes the US movement look sane by comparison. Remember, David Shayler was originally the face of the Troof in Britain, until he smoked so much weed that he thought he was the son of god. Now Kollerstrom is probably the most famous Troofer over there, and Tony Gosling, who runs the UK Truth forum, is supporting him despite the fact that Kollerstrom seems even more deranged than Shayler.

Stefan (the Troofer who wrote about the event) is apparently a We Are Change London member. Obachike claims that We Are Change is a Ministry of Defense cointelpro plot.

The funny thing is that Stefan comes off as the sane one on that board. Kollerstrom (posts as Astro3 over there) is clearly unbalanced, and Obachike (Chi_of_Life) sounds like a bit of a thug.

And that's funny because over at the Truth Action forums there's a long thread going on about the CIT-heads again. And guess who's sticking up for the Pentacon? Yep, it's Stefan again. (Note: the thread starts off being about Kirk Sonnenfeld, the FEMA videographer, but eventually everybody agrees that's a dry hole, and the conversation turns around to Aldo and Craig).

And there Stefan comes off as the lunatic. Apparently CIT now claim to have 13 eyewitnesses who all corroborate the north of Citgo approach. Now this alone is very suspicious. CIT loves to do the old "What are the odds that they're all wrong?" But I would like to switch that around on them. What are the odds they're all "right"?

For the sake of argument, let's suppose that the north of Citgo claim is correct. We know that eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable, but let's say that 70% of the eyewitnesses should remember things correctly and 30% would get details wrong. Based on those probabilities, what are the odds that 13 out of 13 eyewitnesses would validate the NOC approach?

Less than 1% (0.97% to be precise). Yep, the CIT-heads love to claim that because their witnesses all corroborate each other it strengthens their theory; in fact it reveals that there are almost certainly witnesses that did not back up the NOC approach that CIT has chosen to ignore. And over at JREF, some of the posters show that actually some of the 13 do not back up the NOC approach, so CIT apparently got their uniformity by lying about it.

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