Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Paranoia That is Prison Planet

OK, not 9/11 specific, but this has to be one of the most bizarre examples of paranoid logic I have seen in a while. From Alex Jones' Prison Planet:

An earlier article written by Silas Allen, also posted on the News Tribune website, details a Missouri National Guard unit practicing basic convoy operations during a training exercise in the Black Hills of South Dakota on June 14. During the exercise, an “insurgent group” with “a reputation for harassing convoys with ambushes and improvised explosive devices,” attacks the Guard convoy. “The unit was also told to look out for civilians trying to approach the convoy on the battlefield. The civilians could be working with the insurgent group or could simply have a legitimate complaint,” Allen writes.

The two exercises serve as prime examples of an orchestrated attempt by the government to train soldiers to militarily confront domestic “militia” groups.

Oh yeah, because God knows none of our soldiers will ever be involved overseas in operations where they deal with insurgents using IEDs to attack convoys.