Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Could They Possibly Have Thought She Was a Nut?

Good lord.

A woman describes how she was locked up in an institution for a couple weeks for expressing her trooferism. She writes well, but hoo-boy it's not hard to find evidence that she's riding the crazy train:

I was absolutely terrified by this, particularly so as I was horribly conscious of the content of the threatening e-mails I had received in the days preceding this. (A Englishman researching the New World Order, stated in a letter to the hospital in 2008 that he has heard of this technique being used “often.” His letter is at the end of the post). Consequently, with my heart thumping wildly, I strode to Police Superintendent Viv Rickard, who happened to be in the town Mall at the time, and told him that I believed the SIS was threatening my life because of my work in exposing the truth about 9/11. Rickard said he believed me, but said he thought that others on the police force might not, so advised me to deal with him directly about the matter.

Subsequent to the encounter with the man dressed in black, I had a discussion with a family member about hypothetical scenarios and my very real fears, to the point at which I said that if it were between a man with a gun and tablets, I would prefer the latter. Fortunately however, I received an e-mail on June the 2nd, -I believed it was from the SIS, which intimated that the threats would cease as it appeared I had gotten the message.

Is there a family history of mental illness?

As my mother had committed suicide....

My father, who decades earlier had aided his brother out of an institution, as he had been wrongly diagnosed as schizophrenic....

Then the judge asked for my father’s opinion, noting he was a doctor and looking duly impressed. My father, Dr John Swinney, said he thought I should be released and went on to boldly divulge that he agreed with my political beliefs. He said 9/11 was an inside job and he’d seen the evidence to prove it. His assertion rang out like a shot and everyone in the room tensed up. Mr Druce, looking awkward, grimaced and theatrically exclaimed: “Oh dear!,” and tellingly, didn’t question my father any further.

Even after she's locked up, she persists in trying to present her "evidence":

In the morning of the following day, Friday the 16th, Dr Zubaran said he wanted to talk to me. I advised him about the meeting planned with the Consumer Rights Advocate – he said he knew about it. He suggested that we talk outside, so we went out to Hospital Rd, and exchanged words a few meters from the hospital. Evidently, he still hadn’t done any research related to 9/11 and reiterated that I was “delusional” because I believed it was an inside job. “This is evidence I’m not delusional,” I said as I handed him an article I had in my pocket for him about what was then the biggest smoking gun of them all – Building 7’s collapse.

She does present one bit of typical Troofer "evidence" that I hadn't heard before:

As many Uncensored readers now know, there is not a shred of hard evidence to show bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11, and even Dick Cheney had acknowledged this...

Apparently this comes from a radio interview Cheney did with Tony Snow in 2006:

As you can tell, Cheney simply misspoke; what he meant to say was that the administration had never made the case that Saddam Hussein was directly involved with 9-11. How typical of the Troofers to latch onto an error like that.

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