Thursday, September 03, 2009

David Ray Grifter On the National Geographic Special

David Ray Griffin appeared on Jack Blood's radio show discussing the recent National Geographic special, and (what else) pimping yet another 9/11 conspiracy book, this one on World Trade Center 7. The list of moronic things he mentions are too great to list, here are a few highlights, and I am using the word loosely. Starting at 15 minutes, he now invents new explosive devices:

And then another factor, if you are going to take thermite or thermate to melt steel, you have got to turn it into a shaped charge. And that's discussed in all of our writing.
It is? I have never heard of it. A shaped charge is by definition an explosive. He is criticising National Geographic for confusing incendiaries and explosives, and then he takes thermite, an incendiary, and says that all of their writings discuss how it is used as an explosive. Yeah... OK...

From 22 minutes in:

Griffin: Thirdly, the steel in the towers was insulated, and it was guaranteed for up to 2 or 3 hours of protection. They had a simple little piece of steel with no protection. They will tell us "Oh the planes knocked the protection off" well even if they did that would have been only on about...

Blood: Something nobody knows by the way.

Griffin: Yeah, but even if it were...

Blood: Even if it were all knocked off all the things perfectly, it was all completely exposed steel, it is still not a worthy experiment.

Griffin: But I say, even if you allow that it was all knocked of on 5 floors, you still have another 105 floors (laughter) where the insulation is perfectly intact.
Words fail me

A minute or so later:

Even if you did have steel columns and beams that started lose strength, you would have the building start to sag and lean to one side maybe. Floors start to droop down. No, you got a building that's absolutely solid. Absolutely still and then all of a sudden it collapses.

WHAT?! Have any of you morons actually read the NIST report? The whole collapse was started by those "drooping floors". They even have pictures!


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