Monday, October 25, 2010

Bravely Slaying the Strawmen of His Imagination

Steven Jones tackles two objections to his "research" that I have never heard before:

1. That somebody contaminated the samples with nanothermite. Huh? No, Steven, we don't think there's really nanosupercallifragilisticexpiallythermite in the samples at all.

2. Perhaps the falling buildings just generated the nanothermite. Err, see my response above.

I love that he tested samples of dust from a couple controlled demolitions and found no red-gray chips. One would think this would tell him that the WTC buildings were not brought down by controlled demolition, but Truther logic doesn't work that way.

I do find it interesting that Jones mentions what caused him to go Truther: Some woman was giving a talk on something else and casually mentioned that the Towers were not brought down by the planes, to apparently thunderous applause. And it's interesting to hear that the Waterboy is trying to make nanothermite himself. Perhaps he could get together with Jim Hoffman and manufacture ceiling tiles of the stuff.

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At 25 October, 2010 07:14, Blogger Billman said...

Pfft, wow. Such hypocracy from this guy.

So now he's saying the samples couldn't have been tainted with super-thermite... but when they are given to another independent researcher who DID NOT get any evidence of unreacted thermite, it was "ZOMG! The gubmint tampered with mah sampelz!!"

At 25 October, 2010 17:58, Blogger Grandmastershek said...

World for Twoof has a similar video of Farrer.

At 27 October, 2010 08:41, Blogger Unknown said...

Look, everyone, he's got affidavits! And they're signed too. This changes everything. The previously insane argument - silly scientific voodoo about spheres and red-gray chips = Evil Government Conspiracy - now makes total sense.

As someone at world 9/11 truth says, "We will fight the darkness with love and reason, and with the power of 528hz."

At 31 October, 2010 13:48, Blogger snug.bug said...


Yeah, damn, I sure am disgusted by those entrenched hypocrats.

At 31 October, 2010 19:52, Blogger Ian said...


Yeah, damn, I sure am disgusted by those entrenched hypocrats.

Poor Brian. He's got nothing left except spelling errors.

Seek professional help, Brian.

At 31 October, 2010 20:35, Blogger Ian said...

OT, but I chuckled at the photo caption in this article:

Mount Merapi spews pyroclastic flow

I guess there must be thermite up on that volcano, eh Brian?


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