Tuesday, October 26, 2010

South Park Creators on the 9-11 Episode

Hat tip to Edx at JREF.



At 26 October, 2010 19:24, Blogger GuitarBill said...

Like, I agree that, like, 9/11 conspiracy theories are, like, retarded. You know, like, you could tell, like, who was, like, crazy and, like, who was, like, not crazy.

Like, don't you think that, like, people who, like, use like as a conjunctive are, like, you know, like, retarded?

Like, like, like, like like, like...

At 26 October, 2010 20:01, Blogger Unknown said...

I guess Dylan feels reeeealy stupid for writing that little letter to Trey and Matt now, doesn't he?

At 26 October, 2010 23:02, Blogger GuitarBill said...

Sorry, I meant to write "conjunction." My bad.

At 27 October, 2010 05:40, Blogger Billman said...

Oh yes, Dylan, this is so a "brilliant way of flying under the radar" and SO supportive of your side.

Fucking moron.

At 27 October, 2010 06:50, Blogger Billman said...

Is there a compiliation of all the mean, spiteful, and deplorable things Dylan Avery has said and done anywhere? Without having to sift through jillions of JREF comments?

Cause there really should be a record kept of this guy somehwere...

At 27 October, 2010 07:08, Blogger Unknown said...

"Btw, in the slight off chance that Trey Parker and Matt Stone read this website, congratulations guys. Some saw that as a hit piece. I saw it as a subtle and careful way of delivering the facts without taking either side.

The episode was incredible, and I'd like to thank you. I don't need to go into detail as to why I think the show was on our side, I'll just say that, based on interviews with you two, Eric Cartman often serves as your personal mouthpiece. And every time a character brought up evidence, it was either silence or "Are you retarded?"

One even brought up the explosions at the base of the towers. This wasn't a poorly-researched hit piece. This was a calculated and brilliant way of flying under the radar.

But hey, that's just my two cents. Interpret it as you may.

Dylan Avery - 10/13/2006

At 27 October, 2010 08:37, Blogger Billman said...

Someone Famous: "Dylan Avery is fucking retarded."

Dylan's Response: "Thank you for being on my side! Oh man, I love your work in that thing you did. Keep up the good fight for 9/11 truth!"

Someone not Famous: "Dylan, I believe you're mistaken on (x misconception) when in was actually (y fact). Will you acknowledge this by posting a retraction publicly?"

Dylan's Response: "Why is it you dumbunkers are the most mean-spirited people I've ever met?! To quote my favorite movie: This Conversation. *puts on sunglasses* is over." *YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!*"

Fuck Dylan. (Mean spirited enough for you, bitch?!)

At 27 October, 2010 17:58, Blogger Nike shox shoes said...

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At 28 October, 2010 14:18, Blogger Pat Cowardly said...

Why would anyone think the South Park guys have any knowledge or credibility about anything? Their commentary is as fact-free as one of Fat Pat's or Gutterbile's useless posts.
Looks like Bile's got a bad case of illiteratus conjunctivitis. By the way, Gutterball, did you decide whether you pwned Pat with your (non-)explanation of the melted iron, or did Pat ream you on that one? You can't both be right.

At 01 November, 2010 15:45, Blogger SJCP said...

OMFG Thank you Pat. Trey Parker truly makes himself sound like a fucking moron here.

As GuitarBill said -- "it's like, conspiracy theories, man, they're like, retarded and shit. You could totally even tell, like, who was crazy and who was, like, you know, sane."

Fucking hilarious. And people actually take these guys seriously, form opinions based on their "oh-so-witty" arguments.

"Is there a compiliation of all the mean, spiteful, and deplorable things Dylan Avery has said and done anywhere? Without having to sift through jillions of JREF comments?"

For every "mean-spirited remark" a truther has made, there are five rude/mean-spirited/uncivilized/stupid statements made by debunkers.

And one who takes pride in their mean spirit has no place in superior, civilized society, Billman.

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