Thursday, May 05, 2011

Griffin On Barrett's Show

I downloaded this a few days ago (MP3 file), but it seemed almost quaint and trite to discuss in the aftermath of Bin Laden's death. David has apparently recovered enough from last summer's stroke to go back out on tour. This year's version is apparently to be entitled, "Why Does Bill Moyers Accept Miracles?" but you can be sure that Grifter will be performing all his greatest hits, including "Flight 77 Didn't Hit the Pentagon" and "The Phone Calls Were Voice-Morphed".

Here's a brief synopsis of the interview:

Opening-13:00: Griffin and Barrett discuss the origin of David's trutherism. He was "late" to the party, not getting into it until 2003 when a colleague turned him onto a website. What site is not discussed, but I suspect it's Eric Hufschid's.

13:00-18:00: LIHOP versus MIHOP. Griffin comes down firmly in the MIHOP camp, stating that the WTC controlled demolition evidence is very strong and therefore LIHOP is no longer tenable.

19:00-30:00: Griffin urges more time be spent on the Pentagon in the Troof Movement, precisely because it is so controversial. Brief discussion of the April Gallop lawsuit.

30:00-End: Faked phone calls. Yep, no kidding, Grifter spends almost half of the interview expounding on his view that the phone calls were faked. We get voice-morphing. We get Deena Burnett's caller ID showing her husband's cellphone was used to call her. And (most annoying of all) we get Grifter's speculation that they were not confident of Todd Beamer's voice morphing and so that's why he didn't want to talk to his wife. No, you lying con artist, that's not the reason why. Beamer explained to the operator that his wife was having a difficult pregnancy, and he didn't want her to lose the baby. Grifter closes up with the Barbara Olson phone calls.

I'd call him a maggot, but that would be an insult to baby flies.

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At 05 May, 2011 17:21, Blogger M Gregory Ferris said...

"13:00-18:00: LIHOP versus MIHOP. Griffin comes down firmly in the MIHOP camp, stating that the WTC controlled demolition evidence is very strong and therefore LIHOP is no longer tenable."

If it was a conspiracy then how would controlled demo make a difference between MIHIP & LIHOP?
The Szekreht Legion of Illuminoid Reptillian Peoples (SLIRP) could have just told Adolf McChimpy and Cheney to back off. Then there's the whole problem of proving MIHOP due to the lack of factual, physical, and other kinds of evidence stuff.

"19:00-30:00: Griffin urges more time be spent on the Pentagon in the Troof Movement, precisely because it is so controversial. Brief discussion of the April Gallop lawsuit."

Translation : There are no quality videos of the crash, so we have more room to make shit up. Goody goody!

At 05 May, 2011 19:22, Blogger Ian said...

Griffin had a stroke last year? Well, maybe we'll be rid of him soon enough.

Hey Brian, what do you think of Griffin going on Kevin Barrett's show? I guess it indicates how much of a serious, respected truther Barrett is, huh?

At 05 May, 2011 19:34, Blogger Len said...

Who are the idiots who (supposedly) nominated Grifter for the Nobel Peace Prize?

The right to submit proposals for the Nobel Peace Prize shall, by statute, be enjoyed by:

1. Members of national assemblies and governments of states;
2. Members of international courts;
3. University rectors; professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology; directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes;
4. Persons who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize;
5. Board members oforganizations who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize;
6. Active and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; (proposals by members of the Committee to be submitted no later than at the first meeting of the Committee after February 1) and
7. Former advisers appointed by the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

At 05 May, 2011 19:38, Blogger Len said...

PS - Hitler and Stalin were nominated as well.

At 05 May, 2011 20:26, Blogger Triterope said...

Like I said about Judy Wood on some other thread, these media appearances just look pathetic at this point.

Millions celebrated the news of the raid and spoke of "closure". This implies that most Americans think Osama Bin Laden had something to do with the 9-11 attacks.

But they just press on, don't they? They just keep going on their irrelevant little radio shows and keep spewing their irrelevant little talking points. They just keep pushing their narrative no regard to what's happening all around them. And we're the sheep.

At 05 May, 2011 21:36, Blogger scharfy said...

So glad I found this blog. Don't wanna be too forward, but this is an excellent essay analyzing conspiracy nutjobs. You guys may have seen in but I feel it captures much of your cause.

Seeing the Unseen Part 2


"Now most normal people do not look at life from within a pit of failure and despair. Our lives are measured by small successes — like raising children, serving in the military, doing volunteer work at your church – or just doing the right thing in a thousand small but important ways, like returning money if someone makes you too much change.

These are simply the small, ordinary milestones of a life of value. They give you a sense of identity.

But if I didn't have that sense of identity rooted in my own small achievements, I wonder how likely it would have been for me to grab onto that sense of sudden empowerment, of being an initiate in some arcane club of hidden wisdom. I wonder what might have happened to me if being the Holder of Secret Knowledge had been my only source of self-esteem; the one redeeming landmark in a life of isolation and failure. Indeed, I wonder what power such a worldview would have over me if I could believe that behind the scenes lurked vast and unknowable dark forces – forces that could topple a president and perhaps even explain why a person of my deep, vast and bountiful talents was not doing a whole lot better in life?"


"I will make the point yet again because I believe it is the crux of the issue: what kind of moral universe do you have to inhabit to be able to believe that your own people – airline personnel, demolition experts, police and security forces, faked witnesses and all the rest – are capable of such a thing? How much hate for your own society do you have to carry in order to live in such a desolate and ridiculous mental hell? What psychoses must a mind be riddled with in order to negate what was perfectly obvious and instead believe a theory of such monumental fantasy? How much pure constant hatred does that take? What, in short, is the miserable black hole of self-loathing that drives a person like Rosie O'Donnell and millions like her?"

At 05 May, 2011 22:28, Blogger James B. said...

The 911 blogger post on this is hilarious.

At 11 May, 2011 09:29, Blogger Kevin said...

Dear Pat & James,

Please check your gmail accounts for a registered message from me from
5/5/2011 with the subject "Important: Defamation Notice".

Let me know if I should send it again.

Kevin E. Houchin, Esq.


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