Thursday, September 15, 2011

An Answer for Jon

Over at Troof Action, Gold ponders why I do this:

Pat Curley is a lying, deceptive piece of sh*t that spends all of his time concerned about something he has repeatedly said there is nothing to.

Cosmos, who's a family member, asks:

How many years has he been doing this?
 I guess for 5 years or so. Day in, and day out. About something he and his kind repeatedly say there is "nothing" to. No cover-up of any kind, etc... and so on.
Five years or so is right, give or take four months.  As for all of my time, day in and day out, that's a ridiculous exaggeration.  In fact, I've put very little time into SLC this year.  The last couple weeks, sure, but the tenth anniversary has meant an explosion in coverage.  In fact, over all, I've felt a little guilty for the infrequent updates this year, because there's so little new under the sun.

As for why I do it, it's pretty simple.  I agree with the Truthers on two things: the date of the attacks and the fact that they were extremely significant events in the United States' history.  Hell, three things: That it is very important for us to understand what happened that day.  And therein lies the key; the Troofers are the new hijackers.  They want to obscure the real facts of 9-11 for their own purposes.

Jon Gold likes to hide behind the skirts of his beloved Jersey Girls and moan about how they deserve answers to their questions.  Let me ask you this, Jon-boy.  Who has lied to the Jersey Girls more, me, the US Government or David Ray Griffin?

Update: Well, that shut him up.