Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shrink Rap

Psychologists for 9-11 Troof want us to know that we're suffering from some form of dementia for not believing in the "scientific evidence" that 9-11 was an inside job:

Note that the second person is Fran Shure. Remember her?  Here's her expert diagnosis:

Yep, Fran the Fruitcake wanted us all to know that Sean Fitzgerald was a very intelligent and sane person.  Two weeks later, Sean murdered his own father because he was convinced the old man was the devil.

Update: This video is actually the grand finale of Box Boy Richard Gage's latest "straight to coaster" DVD, 9-11 Explosive Evidence, the Experts Speak Out.  And Fran might not be the most flaky of the experts in this segment.  For example check out Danielle Duperret's webpage on her travails with the US court system.