Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Investigative Lead for the Truthers

(Watch starting about 17:00 in)

If you're a famous, conspiracy theory talk show host interviewing a "civil rights icon" like Dick Gregory, and he tells you that he was warned on 9-10-01 to get out of New York:

“You’re not, your friend called me and told me to tell you don’t spend the night in New York tonight,” Gregory said his wife told him.
 What would be your next question?  I know that mine would be "Who was your friend?"  But Alex shows no curiosity on  this point, even though he's happy to point out that this proves that "they" knew the attacks were coming.  Gregory and Jones go on to talk about the supposed warning that then-San Francisco mayor Willie Brown received not to fly to New York on 9-11.  But again, this makes no sense in the context of the conspiracy theory.  Let's suppose for a moment that elements inside the government knew of the upcoming attacks, even to the point of knowing the date.  Wouldn't they also know the flights?  No planes were hijacked from SF to NY; instead it was a Newark to SF flight.

But if you are a Truther, I would certainly suggest that you start grilling Dick Gregory on the identity of his mysterious friend, who apparently had inside information.  This could be the clue that brings down the whole conspiracy!