Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Evidunce from the 9-11 Consensus Nutbars

Came across this at 9-11 Troof dot org.

The 9/11 Consensus Panel now offers four evidence-based Points about the alleged phone calls from the 9/11 flights.

The famous "let's roll" drama of the passenger revolt on UA 93 was relayed by passenger Todd Beamer's 13-minute unrecorded seat-back call to GTE telephone supervisor Lisa Jefferson, who reported Beamer as strangely tranquil, declining to speak to his wife. Eerily, Beamer's line remained open for 15 minutes after the crash.
 Cue Twilight Zone music.  As usual, the goofballs go over the edge in an effort to make everything mysterious.  Beamer was "strangely tranquil"?  He declined to speak to his wife?  1111111!

Of course, if a 9-11 Troofer had been on the plane that day, he would have been babbling like a  madman.  "We're all gonna die--But not on this jet!" Because we all know that real men lose their heads in emergencies.

As for Beamer declining to speak to his wife, the reason for that is well-known, and no, it's not what the 9-11 Nutsensus Panel states:

Beamer continued talking to Jefferson, rather than having her transfer him to Lisa Beamer, because his wife was pregnant and he did not want to upset her.
It was not just that he didn't want to upset her.  She'd had a difficult pregnancy and he didn't want her to have a miscarriage.  And later the creeps ask:

He did not ask to talk with her because he did not want to upset her, although learning of his death would presumably upset her.
This explanation is inconsistent with the FBI report that he had first tried to reach his residence at 9:43:48 AM.
But if you go back to one of the first reports about Beamer's call, which these retards know about because they link to it, the answer becomes quite obvious:

"I introduced myself as Mrs. Jefferson. I said, 'I understand that you're on United Flight 93 and it's being hijacked.' And I asked him to explain."
He knew there were at least three hijackers, two with knives who had commandeered the plane's controls and one with a suspected bomb strapped around his waist who kept watch on the passengers.
The pilot and copilot lay motionless on the floor in front of a curtain that had been drawn by the bomb-carrying hijacker. Beamer told Jefferson he could not tell whether the pilot, Capt. Jason Dahl, 43, of Denver, or first officer, LeRoy Homer, 36, of Marlton, N.J., were alive.
She told Beamer about the two planes crashing in New York.
See?  He at first tried calling his house and when he couldn't get through, he tried calling an operator.  It was only after he heard about the planes crashing in New York that he decided not to talk to his wife. On September 10, 2001, it would have been one thing to hear that your spouse was on a plane that had been hijacked.  It would be worrying, certainly, but you'd also know that historically, most people on hijacked planes survived the ordeal.  On September 11, after seeing the Twin Towers burning, it would have been quite another thing.

What a bunch of evil dirtbags the Troofers are.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Obama on Mars

No, not figuratively.  Literally:

In a statement made Sept 20, 2011, Mr. Basiago confirmed Mr. Obama’s co-participation in the 1980 Mars training class, stating:  “Barry Soetoro, a student at Occidental College, was in my Mars training class under Major Ed Dames at The College of the Siskiyous in Weed, California in 1980. That fact has been corroborated by one of my other classmates, Brett Stillings. Two years later, when he was taller, thinner, more mature, a better listener, using the name ‘Barack Obama,’ and attending a different college, Columbia University, we crossed paths again in Los Angeles and I didn't recognize him as the person that I had been trained with in the Mars program and encountered on the surface of Mars. In fact, doing so would have been virtually impossible in any case, because measures had been taken to block our later memories of Mars shortly after we completed our training in 1980.”

Mr. Basiago states that during one of his trips to Mars via “jump room” that took place from 1981 to 1983, he was sitting on a wall beneath an arching roof that covered one of the “jump room” facilities as he watched Mr. Obama walk back to the jump room from across the Martian terrain. When Mr. Obama walked past him and Mr. Basiago acknowledged him, Mr. Obama stated, with some sense of fatalism:  “Now we’re here!”

Mr. Stillings states that during one of his visits to Mars, he walked out of the “jump room” facility and encountered Mr. Obama standing beside the facility by himself staring vacantly into a ravine located adjacent to the facility.
 Not a good idea; apparently you want to stay quite alert on your visits to Mars:

When they then first teleported to Mars in Summer 1981, the young Mars visitors confronted the situation that Major Dames had covered at length during the class the previous summer – that one of their principal concerns on Mars would be to avoid being devoured by one of the predator species on the Martian surface, some of which they would be able to evade, and some of which were impossible to evade if encountered.

The Mars program was launched, Basiago and Stillings were told, to establish a defense regime protecting the Earth from threats from space and, by sending civilians, to establish a legal basis for the U.S. to assert a claim of territorial sovereignty over Mars.  In furtherance of these goals and the expectation that human beings from Earth would begin visiting Mars in greater numbers, their mission was to acclimate Martian humanoids and animals to their presence or, as Major Dames stated during their training near Mt. Shasta in 1980: “Simply put, your task is to be seen and not eaten.”
What does this have to do with the Truthers?  Well, one of the people pushing this incredible story is Alfred Webre.  Webre was a featured speaker at the NYC Truther 9-11 Anniversary Celebrations in 2007:

Alfred Webre, who was given 45 minutes to talk on the topics "9/11 as a war crime" and the "development of [an] international tribunal" for the Bush administration. After touching on those subjects (to great applause), he veered off course, arguing that an "artificial intelligence matrix" controlled by the Rothschild family might have caused 9/11, that the cancer rate in Iraq now stands at 30 percent, that AIDS is a biological weapon created to control the population, that global warming is being caused by a black hole 23 light years from Earth, and that the NYPD was employing a supersonic crowd disruption device that was depressing turnout.
As I never tire of pointing out, the 2007 Truther Confab was billed as "Ready for the Mainstream."

Webre also collaborated with David Ray Griffin:

This Legislative Memorandum was co-authored by expert researcher David Ray Griffin, independent scientist Leuren Moret and attorney Alfred Webre.
He was also chosen for the Vancouver hearings that Uncle Fetzer, Barbara Honegger and some other fruitcakes had a year or so ago.

I strongly advised Jim and Joshua to dump Webre. Being fair-minded to a fault, Jim contacted Webre and was assured that no, Webre would certainly never contaminate the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings by linking them in any way with his "exotic" teleportation, time travel, and UFO material. On that condition, Jim (ill-advisedly, in my view) allowed Webre to serve as a judge in Vancouver.

After the final day of the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings, Webre had dinner with author-journalist Barbara Honegger and retired psychologist Ernst Rodin. At this dinner, in the presence of both witnesses, Webre announced that he intended to find a way around (i.e., break) the promise he had made to Jim Fetzer, and include Andrew Basiago's ludicrous claims in the "indictments" issued by the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings!
How crazy do you have to be when fruitcakes like Fetzer, Honegger, Blakeney, and Kevin Barrett realize you're not playing with a full deck?

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Bits & Pieces

How's Operation Tip the Planet Going?  Gage has gotten $15 in the last week.  The good news is that with the matching funds, that's really $30.  Woot!  Expect the Earth to start wobbling on its axis any moment now.

Alex Jones and the Truthers have gotten quite a bit of bad press the last couple of weeks.  They both got a smackdown from Rachel Maddow the other day:

I'm not as big a fan of the comic book version of the 9-11 Commission Report as Rachel is; I found it a little dumbed down and melodramatic. But the Commission Report itself is terrific, as is the Popular Mechanics Debunking book.  Still, kudos to her for delivering a well-deserved spanking to the Truthers, leatherlungs Jones, and all those who support them, including Matt Drudge, who apparently tweeted that 2013 would be the year of Alex Jones.

No surprise, Box Boy and a couple other Troofers were offended that Rachel hasn't looked at their pathetic evidence:

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Happy Birthday To Us

It was 7 years ago today when Pat made the first post here on our humble blog.  I never thought it would go on this far, but it has been interesting.  Who knows how long we will keep it up, as the Truthers have been pretty uneventful lately, and barring some sudden change in their fortunes will most likely continue to be. Who knows?  Maybe Larry Silverstein will peel off his mask and reveal himself to be Dick Cheney or something?  You never know...