Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Et Tu, Basile?

The Troofers sure seem to be alchemists in reverse; they take gold and turn it into lead.  Remember Truth Burn?  A metal worker created a 9-11 Truth sign which he was going to burn with thermite at Burning Man.  IIRC they raised about $20,000 for that one, and what did he do?  Burn some thermite in a can.

Basile seems quite reasonable by comparison.  He raised $5000 and what did he do?  Well, nothing, as far as I can see:

Mark Basile is no longer associated with the project.
 Please do not send any more donations.
No mention of where the money went (or, for that matter, the dust samples).  Also no mention of who is still "associated" with the project.

Update: Well, that got results.  Now Basile's status reads:

April 26, 2016:  "I am working on it.  I am doing the best I can."


At 29 April, 2016 13:25, Blogger Oystein said...

According to his own proposal, published years and years ago and which was the basis for soliciting donations, the best, and ONLY thing, Basile ought to be doing is stuff some of his dust in an envelope and mail it to a competent and independent lab.

Obviously, he is not doing this. It is totally unclear what the heck he is doing. Sifting through the dust again and again and scrarching his head?

At 05 May, 2016 01:15, Blogger Pat said...

Think of it in terms of the old management buzzword, Value Added. What value does Basile add to the "Truth" Movement by reporting the results? None; in fact it's a negative number.

Hence the stalling.


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