Sunday, December 31, 2006

Moron Evidence

Here's another classic post at 9-11 Blogger with "All Evidence, No Theories".

Of course, what the blogger really means is that he's got "all questions, no evidence". And what questions! I mean, this is Loose Change I stuff:

How does a 757 with a wingspan of 125 feet fit into a 16 by 20 foot initial impact hole? Why didn’t any of the Pentagon’s five antiaircraft batteries shoot the plane down? One large piece of evidence that was found was covered in blue tarp and hauled away into obscurity!

Why the apparent "STAND DOWN" by the FAA, NORAD, and NMCC on 9/11? NORAD had routinely intercepted planes 67 times earlier that year within 20 minutes each time and NEVER had a failure like they did on 9/11, nor after 9/11.

Heat from burning jet fuel was reportedly the sole cause of the WTC collapses. What a ludicrous theory! 1. Steel melts at 2750°F. 2. The steel in the Towers was certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. to withstand 2000°F for 6 hours! 3. Jet fuel produces a maximum temperature of 1800°F in a special combustion chamber. Theories that claim the steel melted from the jet fuel fire violate the laws of physics! Also, steel frame buildings have NEVER collapsed due to fires!

As pathetic and amateurish this list is, the more pathetic thing is that David Ray Griffin, the "high priest" of 9-11 Denial, would probably come up nothing better.


At 31 December, 2006 20:16, Blogger MarkyX said...

They call themselves researchers but can't even get the basics done right.

At 31 December, 2006 20:39, Blogger Lying_Dylan said...

This is what happens when you mix drugs, way too much freetime, and deep seeded hatred of America.

At 01 January, 2007 00:45, Blogger The Reverend Schmitt., FCD. said...

Okay which jobber hit the big reset button on all conspiracy theorist arguments?

At 01 January, 2007 01:50, Blogger muckers said...

The blogger better be careful never to get near jet fuel fires, or fires of any kind.

Strawmen tend to burn pretty easily.

At 01 January, 2007 05:28, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

That post has to be a prank. Are there still people out there, even amongst the truther loons, who believe some of that shaite?


At 02 January, 2007 19:24, Blogger pomeroo said...

Check out my "debate" with the 911bloggers on that thread. Jenny and Erin are too good to be true.

At 04 January, 2007 02:29, Blogger Paulie said...

"As pathetic and amateurish this list is, the more pathetic thing is that David Ray Griffin, the "high priest" of 9-11 Denial, would probably come up nothing better."

The only pathetic person I see here is you PAT, Now pay attention.
You must live in la la land if you believe the official story on 9/11.
What you see on 9/11 is what you believe'. 3 buildings coming straight down.
You see debris blown up and out.
You see 2 of these buildings turned into dust.
You see a Government get rid of the evidence in record time.
You see a Government resist having an enquiry into what happened and why.
You see an investigationtion stunted by time and budget constraints.
You see the biggest attack on the US since Pearl Harbour being used as a pawn in the forming of US Foreign and domestic policy without any evidance on who really did this and why.
You PAT have an opportunity to forget about parading a few nuts on your site.
Both the truthers and your own movement have them )
Yes PAT you are creating a movemnt which with smoke and mirrors diverts attention and energy from where it should be.
Do you really believe your government doesn't lie to you?
Do you have such a short memory that you are entering senility.?
Wake up and smell the napalm.


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