Saturday, December 30, 2006

Karl Schwarz Returns!

Over at 9-11 Blogger, Karl opines on galvanic corrosion of the World Trade Center towers:

In 1989 - there were plans to erect scaffolding and disassemble the WTC towers and rebuild them. Cost projection was around $5.6 billion. One of the architects shows up to work one day and the MIB's were there - had confiscated all of the plans, specs, details, etc for WTC. They even confiscated their office cubicles and had tape on the floor outlining where they went.

Reason - the exterior cast aluminum WTC panels had been directly connected to the steel superstructure of the building, thus causing galvanic corrosion. In short, the "life cycle" of the WTC was not 200 - 300 years, more like 30 years or so.

Where does Karl get his ability to opine on matters architectural? Well, it turns out that he's not just an expert on nanotube technology with 500 PhD's on staff (or was it 500 patents?), but a true renaissance man:

I am an architect by the way, quit practicing in 1988.

Well, thank god for small favors.


At 30 December, 2006 08:22, Blogger James B. said...

Checkout the rather reluctant citation of SLC in the comments. Heh.

At 30 December, 2006 08:35, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

Given the amount of things he claims to be an expert in, and given the sheer time it would take to aquire, through official channels, the education for such expertese, i venture he must be about 250 years


At 30 December, 2006 09:41, Blogger James B. said...

Ironically, being a former architect is probably the only claim he has ever made with at least a kernal of truth.

He attended the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville for three years, but did not graduate. Instead, anxious to get out and make money, Karl took an exam that gave him an architecture license without a diploma. The state architect licensing board reported that: "Karl Wilhelm Schwarz was licensed as an architect in Arkansas on February 22, 1982. His license to practice in Arkansas was revoked due to failure to renew his registration July 31, 1985. He would not be eligible to become licensed in Arkansas as an architect because Arkansas now requires a five (5) year degree in architecture."

At 30 December, 2006 14:42, Blogger default.xbe said...

His license to practice in Arkansas was revoked due to failure to renew his registration July 31, 1985.

his liscense was revoked in 85, but he stopped practicing in 88

id wonder what his customers think of this, but then again he probably never had any as an architect either

At 31 December, 2006 09:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 1988 he put his Tinker Toys away for good.

At 31 December, 2006 10:12, Blogger Simon Lazarus said...

In short, the "life cycle" of the WTC was not 200 - 300 years, more like 30 years or so.

Well, there it is.

The towers fell on their own.

Those fires just happened by accident, or perhaps they were set by someone.

I am getting a little tired of sounding like the assholes who perpetrate these ridiculous conspiracies. It is getting harder and harder to come up with ways to mock them that are funnier than the shit they actually invent, which they claim is reality.

At 31 December, 2006 16:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schwarz is apparently a numbskull but more likely a disinfo agent of some kind - his theories on 9/11 are all wrong and ridiculously so - We can all agree on that, whatever else we may disagree on - I wrote on Schwarz here:

As for his source on this 1989 demolition plan, I stumbled across the same story once and found it intriguing but unsubstantiated. A self-described architectural photographer named Tom Gordon claimed that he stumbled into a secret meeting in Mid-May 1989 (he can’t remember the exact date). Read his account here:


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