Sunday, March 25, 2007

Andrea Shea-King Show Report

As always Andrea was a great hostess. People don't understand how much prep goes into a show like that; the two hours that you hear on the hour are backed up by lots of reading and thinking about the questions to ask.

I was thrilled that she mentioned Mark Roberts and I kick myself for not talking about him in more general terms (King of the Debunkers) and less in specifics about how he was a NYC tour guide who put together this early debunking of Loose Change. My bad, Gravy, I was actually caught by surprise by the question--Andrea does her research!

Earl Johnson was terrific; to hear someone describing what it was like to be caught in the North Tower was gripping. Remember, his book is called Stairwell to Heaven. Earl has the right message and a compelling story to tell. Heads up to James B, he's from your neck of the woods!

In the chatroom afterwards, Killtown and some shill of his from Pittsburgh peppered me with questions about Shanksville. But they were the usual arguments from incredulity and amounted to "Why is the crater only 80 feet wide when the plane's wings were 125 feet? Why didn't the tail section do more damage?" They thought they pwned me, and of course I didn't have any real answers for their questions other than "That's what happens when a 757 crashes into a filled-in strip mine."

But Shanksville is such a minor issue. Killtown thinks that if he can just prove this photo is off a hair, that will prove Shanksville is bogus, and then the whole 9-11 conspiracy will come tumbling down like a house of cards. It's the same argument every other sect in the 9-11 religion raises.

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At 25 March, 2007 21:58, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words, Pat. You were a great interview and I hope you and Earl Johnson get to do some good work together.

We're all doing what we can to carry the banner for truth, justice and the American way!


At 25 March, 2007 22:39, Blogger Killtown said...

Pat, I find it funny you were boasting on her show how all the points us CTs make are "easily debunkable" and then when we asked you questions, you couldn't debunk squat!

Hi Andrea, I'd love to come on your show and give the conspiracy point of view on 9/11.

At 26 March, 2007 00:06, Blogger Der Bruno Stroszek said...

Yes, Andrea, invite Killtown on your show! He's got very substantial and important things to say about how the smoke from the WTC explosions look a bit like numbers if you squint.

At 26 March, 2007 00:57, Blogger Mark Roberts said...

That's weird, killtown. I recall you getting annihilated in an internet debate recently.

Glad to see you're willing to go on the air and use your real name, though!

By the way, Andrea, killtown doesn't think any planes were involved in the 9/11 attacks, and he thinks the conspirators made messages appear in the smoke of the twin towers.

He'd make a great guest if you're doing a show about mentally ill people who harass 9/11 victims.

At 26 March, 2007 04:36, Blogger Alex said...

Killtown's 250+ 9/11 Smoking Guns

At 26 March, 2007 05:10, Blogger MarkyX said...

The problem with Killtown, just like holocaust deniers and creationists, is they think by ignoring the big picture and trying to poke one "flaw" would somehow destroy an entire theory.

At 26 March, 2007 07:30, Blogger Lying_Dylan said...

Only a crack head would see numbers in the smoke.

At 26 March, 2007 08:03, Blogger Alex said...

Yes, the "god of the gaps" logical fallacy. It's one thing they all have in common.

At 26 March, 2007 18:27, Blogger ConsDemo said...

Hey Killtown, I see you are trying to orchestrate a boycott of YouTube. Are people abandoning it in droves?

At 27 March, 2007 01:21, Blogger Der Bruno Stroszek said...

Killtown's boycott has been a complete success. I went on YouTube recently, and all I saw was a grainy video of a tumbleweed blowing down an empty street.

At 27 March, 2007 13:01, Blogger Triterope said...

Twoofers boycotting YouTube? That's like crackheads boycotting crack.

At 27 March, 2007 15:43, Blogger Civilized Worm said...

Is there a recording or transcript of the show?


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