Thursday, March 22, 2007

NY Denier Group Fracture Continues

Yesterday's birthday party for Rosie O'Donnell may have marked the changing of the guard at the NY Denier group. Luke Rudkowski got on the phone with Alex Jones and claimed that Rosie was going to address the Deniers, but of course that never happened.

Over at 9-11 Blogger, there are comments from John Albanese indicating that Les Jamieson has finally gotten the axe over the URANTIA connection. The idea that Tom "How many of you here have heard of the Federal Reserve?" Foti is now leading the NY group amuses me greatly. Granted, it's probably better that they aren't being run by a cultist, but it's also really the difference between Tweedledum and Tweedleduh. Here's what Albanese had to say:

It appears that Tom Foti is the new organizer in NYC since Les Jamieson was deposed.

As some of you may remember Nico Haupt was video-taped disrupting an event at St Marks church in NYC. Many people who viewed that tape asked why Tom Foto (sic) appeared to be enabling and appeasing Haupt during that incident - as opposed to simply asking him to leave (once the obscenities started to fly).

Mr Jamieson and Father Frank Morales have now both publicly stated that they view Tom Foti as part of an organized disruption campaign - as well as claiming that Foti appears to be working in concert with Haupt.

Meanwhile, Rudkowski has broken some news over at a new blog.

I feel extremely reluctant to discuss the current situation with NY 9/11 Truth, but it needs to be addressed if we are going to move forward in this movement. This situation has been extremely divisive, and I hope we can all come to a resolution in a civil and honest manner. It should be known that I've tried to deal with this in an private setting, hoping to shield the rest of the movement from this unnecessary drama. However, Les Jamison has put me in a position where that is no longer possible. It should be also noted that Les Jamison that over the past few months, the following has occurred:

1. Les Jamison with out any reason took me (Luke Rudkowski) off the main NY911Truth list serve, preventing me from emailing the 1,093 members of NY911Truth with updates and announcements related to upcoming events. Les Jamison also publicly stated that I, Luke Rudkowski, have started my own organization, which he sees as a separate entity from NY911Truth. This is false. I started the CHANGE organization in the hopes that it would represent the younger members of NY 9/11 Truth and offer them an outlet they otherwise may not have. Les Jamison owns 100% of the NY 9/11 Truth web site and the e mail list. In fact.all donations to NY911Truth go through Les Jamison’s private bank account. It should be noted I recently planned a big event to support show support for Rosie O'Donnell. But I wasn't able to get the word out effectively, because I found myself locked out of the e-mail account. This only hurts the movement.

2. Les Jamison has confiscated all funds related to NY911Truth. Les Jamison routed all donations totaling over $5,800 to his private bank account, confiscated DVD duplicators, estimated at about $1,000 and the film projector ,estimated $1,000 which was bought with donations.

Note in particular that although the group claims over 1,000 members, only about 15 show up at the regular meetings.

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At 22 March, 2007 13:50, Blogger texasjack said...

They are their own worst enemy and would self-destruct all on their own.
I also can't keep up with all the sects in this cult.

At 22 March, 2007 14:31, Blogger CHF said...

Well I guess this sort of pathetic infighting is inevitable, isn't it?

They fail to take down the government and they can't even defend themselves against on-line debunkers!

All they can do successfully is fight one another.

And I wish them the best of luck doing so.

At 22 March, 2007 15:27, Blogger BG said...

Back on the Sheen subject.

I'd like to invite two wagers:

1) Charlie Sheen will never voice over any current "released" LC version.

for $500

2) Either the NY Post misquoted Mark Cuban, or there will never be credible evidence that Mark Cuban was basing his report on any fact from Sheen or the LC gang of negotiations for a special unchanged (except for Sheen's narration) version of LC.


At 22 March, 2007 17:51, Blogger ConsDemo said...

I'll make a wager, Charlie Sheen's brain is fried from too much coke and perverted acts. Who gives a shit if the worthless dumbass narrates a the dopey movie. He has no credibility to lend.

At 22 March, 2007 18:41, Blogger BG said...


My point is that, along with the obvious Tabloid in-your-face character of the NY Post reporting, one not surprisingly sees misleading information that seems to stem from a reporter who couldn't be too concerned about the larger story.

At 22 March, 2007 22:01, Blogger CHF said...

When I was at Ground Zero back in Septemer, I had a brief chat with Les Jamieson.

The guy is a horrible leader for any twoof cult.

He comes across as very insecure and not the least bit confident in what he says.

At 23 March, 2007 11:27, Blogger Col. Jenny Sparks said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 24 March, 2007 09:37, Blogger 911_truthiness said...

I like this Les Jamieson fellow, but only if he is a con man taking the truthers for a ride.

After all if you want to con rubes, then you go where the rubes are. And what bigger bunch of gullible suckers then the 911 Truth people. You don't want skeptics and debunkers

There is a certain "admiration of the evil" for a predator who pinpoint the weak and pounces. Evolution at its best, think sceptically or die.


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