Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cindy Sheehan Becoming Full-On Woo

She appeared on Alex Jones' program yesterday:

"I definitely think that is a distinct possibility, that there will be some kind of attack whether it's manufactured or real....I think it's really possible that these people will do that - why would he [Bush] put in that presidential directive if he didn't need to use it - I think it's really really frightening," Sheehan told The Alex Jones Show.

"Does anybody think that [Bush's] recent presidential decision directive wasn't for declaring martial law and suspending elections - that's why they have to be stopped," added Sheehan.

I haven't listened to the interview myself, but I will and will update this post then.

Update: Cindy announced near the end of her segment that she intends to go to Syria, Jordan and Southern Iraq after her trip to DC.

Update II: Cindy is apparently not planning on challenging Pelosi in the Democratic primary but running as an independent or third-party candidate (Greens?). Of course, it's not like she's going to end up being a spoiler, since Republicans don't get many votes in San Francisco (Pelosi's district) anyway.

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