Thursday, July 12, 2007

How Bad Is Traffic Off At 9-11 Blogger?

There have been a couple reports indicating that it has fallen off a cliff; that appears to be a gross exaggeration. These guys are my competitors for 9-11 related traffic and they are firmly in the 9-11 Denial camp, so I have no incentive to carry their water.

Some of those announcing the fall in traffic have cited Alexa as their source, but it's much simpler to just click on 9-11 Blogger's Sitemeter icon and check that way. I took a look at their traffic for the last seven days, and compared it to two weeks earlier:

11-Jul 7,775 27-Jun 8,081 96.2%
10-Jul 8,252 26-Jun 8,898 92.7%
9-Jul 7,770 25-Jun 8,580 90.6%
8-Jul 6,430 24-Jun 6,422 100.1%
7-Jul 7,016 23-Jun 5,785 121.3%
6-Jul 6,724 22-Jun 7,344 91.6%
5-Jul 7,699 21-Jun 8,587 89.7%
Totals 51,666 53,697 96.2%

So for the week as a whole, traffic was off about 2,000 visitors from the two-week earier period, and even this may be misleading as approximately 1500 of the visitor loss came on Thursday and Friday of last week, which many people may have taken off to create a five-day vacation. Not sure why the 7-7-07 traffic was up so much compared to two weeks earlier; perhaps it was the number nuts concerned that something had to be planned for that day?

Don't get me wrong; I'm not denying that the new comment moderation policy has angered a lot of people. Comments are way down over there; that's obvious. But there is scant evidence that people are deserting the site in droves.