Wednesday, July 18, 2007

If This Is the Winner....

I don't want to see the second place video. The Dallas Deniers put together a video chock full of 9-11 crankery, starting with the obligatory "9-11 was an inside job!" chant, through signs, through teach-ins which are replete with misinformation, like "Three buildings fell on 9-11." In fact, at least five buildings collapsed on 9-11 (they always forget St. Nick's Cathedral and the Marriot), and several others were effectively destroyed as well. I do like the SC fan at the end who insists that it's more important whether Reggie Bush's family knew about the payments he was receiving to play at Southern Cal.

This won $1000 for the Dallas group of fruitcakes from Alex Jones' Prison Planet site. Yes, low standards indeed.

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