Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Infighting Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Here's a look back at the 9-11 Denial Movement from a long-timer who's bowing out. He (or she) has some interesting perspectives:

Back then, circa 2002-2003, the Truth Movement wasn't like it is today. Most of us were "Liberals" or "progressives". It was rare you found a "conservative" or "republican" Truther. If there were any, they listened to Alex Jones like crazy and usually stuck in that niche.

That's probably accurate, and is probably while people still assume that the 9-11 kooks are all lefties. But, as we've documented, 9-11 Denial is not just for fringe radicals anymore.

The infighting comes in for some discussion:

Then something happened. Different camps of thought started to spread in each direction. People started to form "cliques" and the "truth" became not so "truthy" anymore. The scientific method was replaced with rhetoric. Massive amounts of data was omitted to fit a more "acceptable" version of 9/11 Truth. It became a war of "No Planers" versus "Planers". No planers versus "only pentagon no planers". Demolition theorists versus non demo MIHOP theorists. Zionism theorists versus Neocon theorists. Thermate theorists versus nuke or ALT DEMO theorists. And so on, and so forth.

And the You Tube zombies come in for some criticism:

Then came the advent of YouTube and easily made websites. Everyone and their Mother's dog became part of this Movement. "Experts" sprang up by the thousands, and their objectivity went out the window with their newly found "911 fame". I started seeing a trend develop with a few, a weird bandwagon enigma, as if they were joining us out of some fad, or to quench their rebellious natures. It wasn't about 9/11 so much, as it was a CULT.

The Alex Jones phenomenon pops up as well:

It was a little later that I noticed people in the Movement were starting to mimic Alex, sometimes word for word, which was creepy. The online 9/11 community became this buzz of thousands of Alex Jones parrots. I didn't mind at the time, I thought, "Well this is better than them mimicking the Government".

And the paranoia:

Everyone was and is suspect in the Movement:

Disinfo, shill, spy, paid informant, NWO con man, CIA asset, "Spook", Sock Puppet, Troll, Socialist, Commie, Leftist Apologist, Hippie, "No Planer", Jesus Freak, Gun Grabber, Illegal Lover, Globalist, Fascist, Censoring Control freaks, stupid Repub, Stupid Democrat, Repuke, Demorat, Right Wing Moron, Left Wing Commie, Pinko Libtard, Neocon puke, Fag, Apologist, Illuminati, Masonic One Worlder.

These are just a few of the names, and they are all coming from 9/11 other 9/11 truthers.

Interesting retrospective. Although Ron Paul is not mentioned in this post, I suspect it was this thread over at the Looser Forum on Paul's "absolutely not" response to a question about whether the government was involved in 9-11 that led to Citizen Pawn's retirement from active "Trutherism".