Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Personally I Prefer the 9-11 Gallo Effect

But some of the more gullible out there might enjoy The 9-11 Ripple Effect. Phil Jayhan and Dave von Kleist, two early 9-11 nutbars are back with a new film released today to try to pry some twenties out of the "Truthers".

You can see some preview clips here. It's all reasonably familiar; about the only surprise is that they are sticking with the Pod Theory, which is so discredited nowadays that debunkers get accused of "straw man" tactics if you bring it up. You may recall that the original Loose Change started with a discussion of the pod, but Dylan removed that segment from the second version of his crockumentary, then later tried to claim it was only because he didn't have enough room.

So far von Kleist has not placed the full film online. It does seem to have some fairly good production, although of course it's in service to a terrible cause. Expect this film to be more controversial inside the movement than outside (where it will doubtless be greeted with yawns).

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