Sunday, August 12, 2007

But Let's Get to the Point, Let's Roll Another Joint....

The 9-11 Crackpots get glowing coverage by High Times (yeah, I had no clue it was still around either). Among the more risible claims:

"Even among those who denigrate the 'so-called conspiracy theorists... Griffin is considered one of the most respected, prolific and eloquent doubters in the Sept. 11 Truth Movement."

Come on! Speaking as one who denigrates the conspiracy liars, Griffin is as flaky as Dylan Avery; indeed it is arguable that Dylan's more careful than DRG. Griffin believes in mediums, reincarnation and other nutty parapsychology claims, in addition to endorsing just about every 9-11 crank theory under the sun.

The next entry recommends Flight 93 by Rowland Morgan. This was the book where I found an obvious and silly error in the first paragraph, which had Flight 93 taking off from Boston Logan airport.

The official story of Flight 93 tells of four men who checked in at the United Airlines ticket counter at Boston Logan airport on 11 September 2001 bound for Los Angeles on United 93, a Boeing 757 airliner.

The rest of the recommendations are the usual stew of Loose Change and Synthetic Terror, but the writer does take a dim view of "In Plane Site", calling it "sheer disinformation, a loopy film designed to intentionally discredit the Sept. 11 Truth Movement...."

Surprisingly, there's no softcore 9-11 recommendation like Press For Truth; this is clearly a discussion of the full-on MIHOP theories. And the "Sept. 11" bit is incredibly stupid, an editorial stodginess at a magazine supposedly hip and edgy.

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