Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Question Was, Who's the Crackpot in the Republican Field?

Heheh. 9-11 kooks are already citing this supposed "poll":

After Surveying 3000 Republican Americans
these are the results.(We telephone polled. This is 3000 Americans, not Iowa Straw Poll related.)
Ron Paul - 45%
Mitt Romney - 20%
John Mccain - 8%
Giuliani - 7%
None of the above - 20%

Of course, that's a lot of baloney; the notion that Ron Paul is polling anywhere near 45% is retarded. Rasmussen Polling, a legitimate firm, says:

Those latest weekly numbers show Giuliani with 25%, Thompson 24%, Romney 14% and McCain at 11%. Mike Huckabee earns support from 3%, Sam Brownback from 2% and four other candidates split 2% of the vote. Those candidates, mentioned by name in the polling question, are Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, and Tommy Thompson.