Wednesday, August 01, 2007

History Channel to Air Special on 9-11 Conspiracy Theories

Hard to tell at this point how hard it will be on the crackpots. There are some very good signs:

An interview with James Miegs, Editor-in-Chief of Popular Mechanics, who refutes many of these theories. Watch as experts in the fields of aeronautics, engineering and the military put these theories to the test.

Not hard to imagine how the Deniers will react to that. "Experts? We don't need no stinking experts! Besides, they're all in the pay of the government!"

The 9-11 Bloggers are squealing like stuck pigs:

(If) They don't include interviews with 9/11 family members, or 9/11 first responders, and instead, only focus on Alex, Webster, and Prof. Jones, then this documentary is nothing but a half truth. Not even half, more like a quarter.

The above is Jon Gold, who of course wants a piece on the air quality alone, like that's the most important part of the "Truth" movement. It always makes me shake my head that people who focus on the air quality issue nevertheless associate with the "controlled demolition at the WTC and no 757 at the Pentagon" crowd. Don't they understand that those people sap the credibility of the air quality argument? Or do they sense that the air quality argument is just as phony as the controlled demolition claims?

i expect nothing less than a hit piece from the likes of The History Channel. they have a well documented history of covering the governments ass in all areas. they recently ran a special with Gerald Posner going on and on about how amazing Oswald was etc. and one about how Sirhan Sirhan acted alone. really pathetic stuff. its all about editing. Tarpley is strong when given ample time to speak, Alex Jones can do very well when he stays on topic and is like a rolodex of damning 9/11 facts and Steven Jones has rock solid evidence and if given the time to explain it is extremely damning and will drive the average viewer to reevaluate 9/11. but will The History Channel put things in the proper context or cherry pick? again i think its pretty obvious based on their history. and no offense to the Loose Change guys, but they are not the best presenters and leave certain things out.

More wailing and gnashing of teeth over at the Looser Board.

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