Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Apologies to the Loose Change Forum

I thought they were pretty stupid with their comments about another attack prior to 9-11. Some pointed out that I was being a little too hard on the teenagers over there, and actually it looks like even the adults in the movement believe in this nonsense, and have the same suggestions. Crack(pot) physicist Steven Jones:

I get the question frequently: “WHEN will the big crunch come?” Today I received via email from 9/11 researcher Nila S. the following prediction: “brace yourselves: The next major False Flag op’s just round the corner... They must—and will—strike before September 11...”

Nila S., of course is Nila Sagadevan. And note Jones' suggestion:

Even a 30% likelihood is enough to get me going on preparing... What else can I say to persuade you to get to store up some food, water, and warm clothes (just a start)?

Um, Professor Jones, aren't you a Mormon? Don't you already have a year's supply of food and water?

5. A little money: greenbacks or silver. (I prefer silver rounds from a coin store. Which do you think will hold its value better over the long haul? Federal reserve notes/IOU’s or silver, gold?) Banks may close for awhile. Trading for what you need? Your neighbor has some antibiotic stored up (for some reason), and you have rope or silver coins to trade...

Sheesh, and I thought the kiddies were acting silly.