Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Stupid Loose Change Forum Post of the Day

I was tempted to call it the stupid post of the month, but these guys never fail to live down below my expectations.

It starts when Sleepy2k wonders what will happen when Loose Change FC hits the big screen:

The entire world will know the truth by mid septemember when LC3 Hits theatres. (That is less then 6 weeks)I dont think they will allow the world to know the truth, So I think a Major Fasle flag will happen in august. If not a revolution in September.

They dont want a revolution, so i think thats why something will happen in august. There could be 10 u.s. cities nuked in 1 day by these guys. You just never know.

Yes, indeed, you just never know.

2 things. If any WMD's go off in america..What can we expect?
Will the food supply be derupted? Should we stock pile food? Will the water supply be shut down? Stock pile water? Will the econemy take a big hit? Should we buy silver?
If a nuke(s) went off, Will it cause a black out? Stock pile batteries and Flashlights?
Will a cuffew be issued? What kind of a panic are we looking at? What can we expect?

You can expect to die.

Revolutionary91 (who's an admin over there and starting high school this year) chimes in:

I'm telling everyone I know that it might all go down in two months tops. A friend of mine shows them a clip from Zeirgeist and they go form Truth Bashers to asking me when and how to get into the Revolution. B)

When? Now. How? Purchase a black tee shirt that says "Investigate 9-11" and a couple of DVDs of Loose Change.


I try to tell my dad and grandparents but they wont listen.

So the insanity doesn't run in the family?

Caracho checks in with some news:

yes the next few months is crucial. these people are watching everything, like when stephen jones before he released his paper, homeland security threatened him not to release it.

Or when David ray griffin and the LC crew were going to be on the view, a press conference about terrorism just happened to occur at the same time

Chuck Sheen surprises nobody by suggesting they watch more videos:

The warning signs are eerie and I'm definately feeling a bit uneasy. I recomend planting more seeds; takes your mind off a bit.

Suzoko has a dream:

I've had occasional precognitive dreams throughout my life. A few nights ago I dreamed I was about 50-60 miles outside of a big city on the plains, looking at three mushroom clouds over that city. It could have been Dallas. I am not sure what city it was, but it was where you can see a long ways off because there are no forests and it's mostly flat. The clouds were not from H-bombs, they were too small, they had to be A-bombs. Of course they wouldn't have needed three H-bombs to destroy whatever city it was.